Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sketch Inspiration

Well, it occurred to me today...

"Why don't I let my readers help me with the design of my ski themed blanket? And while I'm at it, I might as well write up the pattern and offer it for FREE to all my wonderful readers?"

So, what do you think? LOL!!

This weekend I came up with two design sketches. I'm going to let you all vote on which one you would like to see become my next free crochet pattern. Vote over on the left and I'll keep voting open until I get the chance to go yarn shopping this week.

For more info on what is going on, check out these posts:
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Blanket A:
*Rectangular blanket in a ripple design similar to the snow picture
*Thick vertical rows of blue and white stripes with white snowflakes sewn on the blue sections

Blanket B:
*Rectangular blanket done in a simple textured stitch with strips of single crochet near the top and bottom with white snowflakes sewn on
*all done in blue go and vote! Also, feel free to leave me any comments!


Dawn said...

Even before I read your post -- I knew! that blanket A was a whispy ski hill....great job with the designing!

Marisa said...

Definitely blanket A.

Loomit said...

Blanket A for sure!

Loomit said...

Blanket A!!!