Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yarn and Camping

Usually these two don't go so well together!! LOL!! YES, I do always bring a project with me when we go camping, but usually it is nothing that either A: uses expensive yarn or B: takes a lot of thought to crochet. You'll usually find me with a skein of Simply Soft and making baby hats for my charity group.

BUT...this time it was different!! We drove over to Telluride, Colorado for a day. Now, Telluride is a ski town....a VERY high end ski town...I think many stars have homes here including Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes...and it is absolutely beautiful! Nestled in the mountains, a huge community park including fishing ponds, ice rink, pool, and huge playground! Lots of trendy boutiques and very expensive food ($3.50 for a hot dog!).

And while we were there, guess what I found??? A yarn store!! Yippee...whooo hoooo...happy dance!!! And after much pleading and begging on my part, my wonderful husband let me go in for a look!

Now I was in a hurry....remember generous husband and large dog waiting for me I touched and drooled over as much as I could! I have been wanting to try some linien yarns, but wasn't inspired by the colors they I grabbed the yarns that stood out to me the most! I purchased two skeins of Mirasol Tupa yarn in ruby red! The yarn is a 50/50 merino silk blend and the color is fantastic! I hope to have enough to crochet me a skinny scarf and matching wrist warmers!! And please don't ask what I spent on the yarn....remember how much I told you a hot dog was??? LOL!!

So, if you ever find yourself skiing/hiking in Telluride, head to the end of Colorado Avenue and stop by Needle Rock Fiberarts! Friendly people, lots of knitting (sorry...didn't see a lot of crochet there except some hooks) supplies, FABULOUS yarns, and tell them that I sent you!!

And I did manage to bring the yarn home and not touch it yet...I have a few other things I need to finish first.


JustCindy said...

That yarn is gorgeous!

Sara said...

Very nice color! I too camp and crochet. The light usually runs out before I can get anything significant done. But I try.