Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What I'm Working on Wednesday

How about a new theme on Wednesdays?? I'd love to tell you everything I've been working on for the past week!

Currently, on my hook and for myself, is this great little item from Designing Vashti! My Mr. Stretchy ( I LOVE THE NAME!) is being made from Patons Stretch Socks in Licorice. It's about half way done and going slowly. First because it is still in the low 90's here during the day and I can't seem to think about fall yet, and it's just the same stitch over and over again and I'm getting bored...sorry Vashti!

This weekend I sent 4 new independently published patterns off to my editor and I am patiently waiting for the pictures from the photographer! I hope you all love the new things I have planned to release this fall!!

And now I need to hop into Spring 2011 mode!! I've had one new design accepted for publication somewhere new that I'm really excited about!! I get to use a wonderful high-end yarn for the design and it is a type of item I have never designed before! Watch out!! I am also currently working with another new place to have some patterns published. I believe this one has some great potential!! And, of course, I am busy sending off new design proposals!!

So, yes I am busy. All this plus running my house/family too!

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