Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Playing with Sticks! admit it! I've been playing with sticks again!! But I can still only knit in a square or rectangle! LOL!! I wanted to try out a new stitch pattern I saw, so I just grabbed something from my stash!! Little did I know what that bright orange yarn would inspire me to do!!

I think the yarn was leftover from something Denver Broncos related...and since I didn't have very much of ended up being a pretty little neck warmer. The color just screamed "Halloween" to me! So to finish it off, I crocheted a wonderful and LARGE rose in dark purple, black, and metallic silver thread! ANd then, while at my local yarn store, I happened to find the perfect finishing touch! A small spider on a web button! Too cute!

You can now own this fun creation....check it out in my etsy shop!

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Sara said...

That is cute! The rose is a bit big for me, but love the color and shape. The button is just adorable! Great job!