Friday, January 20, 2012


Sorry, I guess I've dropped the ball when it comes to blogging again. I am just so crazed right now with all the changes in my life. Unfortunately, I don't deal well with changes. I'm trying, but some things I just need to let slide by.

Homeschooling is going well. We have good days and bad days. I am learning new ways of dealing with them and tweaking our sessions to our advantage. I still think I am having more fun with it than my daughter is, LOL!

I hadn't said anything about this before, but my fur-baby Cash has been throwing us for a loop over the last month. He tried to die on us right before Christmas and it has been a stressful month of vet appointments, shoving meds down his throat, and not leaving him alone much. He appears to be getting better, but even after $3000, we still have no idea what is making him sick. Both Phenomia and Lupus have been suggested, but all tests that have been done have come back negative. And then, on top off it all, he hurt his leg on Monday and I really thought he broke it!

As for crocheting, I am on a deadline crunch and even though the yarn I am using for my current project is the best choice for it, it is also a PAIN to crochet with! I have to take many breaks because my hands cramp up and I don't have anything nice to say about weaving in it's ends!!!

So, in a nutshell, I could really use a massage! A nice bottle of wine would be good too!

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Susan D said...

i'm so sorry, I hope they find out what's up soon! Pets are just so part of the family!