Thursday, January 06, 2011

Crochet News and Happenings

SO, just a few crochet-related things I want to share with you today!

The CLF - Crochet Liberation Front, has launched a new-and-improved website this week! Be sure to check them out HERE! Be sure to look at the book published by them and learn about the Flamie Awards! (BTW....I'd loooooove to be nominated!)

Something else that I learned about recently through the CLF is about our wonderful Crochet Podcasts! It appears that they are about to be charged large amounts of $ to continue, and that is just crazy!! So they are asking for donations to continue. Read the entire article here, and be sure to check out those podcasts and help with a donation if you can! I did!
Getting Loopy
Yarn Thing
Lastly, I just saw that my friend and amazing designer, Mary Jane Hall, has started a new site for her designs! Be sure to check her out at Positively Crochet!

Happy Hooking!

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