Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween is Coming!

And like I said, I've been busy!! I JUST finished Heather's costume!! We decided that she should be a zebra (her original idea was a dolphin! LOL!!)

I made a cute pair of leggings with a matching tee. I figure it'll make a nice pair of PJ's after the holiday! Of course I crocheted a hat, attached some ears, and made a fun mane to go with it! And there is even a little tail pinned on too, LOL!!

I hope she likes it. She hasn't seen the top yet. But I think she will.

Me?? I don't feel like making anything special like I did last year (remember Grumpy Care Bear?) This year I will be a doctor, LOL!! Borrowed a friend lab coat and stethoscope. I'll share pictures after the holiday.

1 comment:

Cloud said...

Good choice going with the zebra. WAY more fun than a boring grey dolphin! (And *bonus* it's easy to keep track of!)