Monday, October 19, 2009

Busy, Busy

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately...been busy around the house and truthfully, not much is happening to blog about.

Currently I am working on Heather's Halloween costume. She finally decided (with a lot of mommy's help) to be a Zebra. So last week I started on the project. After purchasing all the supplies needed, it probably would've been cheaper just to buy a sill costume at Target!!

Well, I started out wanting to make a cute little dress with bloomers. And then add some legwarmers and gauntlets along with a crocheted hat and tail. But when I was just about finished with the dress, daddy started calling it "the little hooker dress" that went out the window and I had to start all over again! (But I am still keeping the was a lot of hard work!! But I think I will shorten it a bit and turn it into a cute little top!)

So this weekend I finished the crocheted hat...and boy is is CUTE!! I can't wait to share finished pictures! I also made a pair of zebra stripe leggings. Now I just need to find the perfect pattern for the top of the set. Wish me luck!

Other than Halloween stuff, I have been making things for the Handmade Holiday Arts & Craft Show (see the red banner on the right?). I even got over my fear of knitting with DPN's and learned how to finally use them! I've been knitting up a few fingerless gloves to sell. Plus a handful of other items. I really hope you all come and see me at the event!! And if you ask me about my'll get a free gift!!!

OK, back to work I go!

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casualgal said...

Hey, Jennifer - I don't know how I missed your blog. I am now following! Thanks again for promoting the HH. Can't wait to see the little zebra!!