Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Is That A Whippet?

MANY times when I take my dear Cash out for a walk, we are asked what type of dog he is. These people WANT to say Greyhound....but for some reason they usually don't. Is it his coloring?? Size??? I'm not sure. But we do hear a lot of Whippet? and Saluki? And every once in a while, he even gets mistaken for a deer! LOL!

Well, I too was not familiar with those other breeds, so I had to do some research when we first got him. YES, they all have similar body styles. But size is the big difference.

We had the pleasure this weekend to meet our first Whippet!! Miss Chloe is only one year old, but you can definitely tell the difference in size!! She was pretty shy too and would bark or run away as my "giant" came near her. But by the end of the weekend, they were pretty good friends...or at least did a good job of ignoring one another, LOL!!

Before the families headed off home...us to Grand Junction, them to Denver, we took the dogs to a local ice rink (in the summer=no ice) to run. They had a blast and boy is Miss Chloe
F-A-S-T! I took some pictures, but they were moving so fast that none of them turned out!

Unfortunately Mr Cash managed to get a few boo-boo's (what else is new!) while out running. He tore dime sized holes in his front paw pads. Now the poor guy is grumpy, in a little pain, and lounging around on the couch. And he feels totally embarassed having to wear Heather's socks on his paws to keep him from licking them while they heal. Looks like no long walks for a while.


JustCindy said...

Poor Cash

Anonymous said...

Dear Cash,
Hope you are healing, I got a little boo-boo too, but it's okay now. Sorry 'bout that buddy ;)
I really enjoyed meeting you and your family over the holiday weekend. If you're ever in Denver,
give us a woof!
Chloe xox