Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I Couldn't Help Myself!

With poor Cash's feet being bandaged up, I had to keep them covered so that he didn't lick at them or try to get the bandages yesterday I crocheted him some new doggie booties! LOL!! I chose a nice deep scarlet red and even put some felt ovals on the bottom for a little extra padding. (I should have also put a few dots of hot glue on the felt to help keep him from slipping on the kitchen floor!)

They were really easy and worked up fast! If you are interested in making a pair of your own, here is how I did it. It's a rough pattern, but I'm sure you can figure it out yourselves. Be sure to join with a sl st at the end of each round and ch 1!

These make a large pair of doggie booties. I used worsted weight acrylic yarn and an H hook.

8hdc in a ring
2hd in each st around
(hdc in st, 2hdc in next) around
hdc in each st around until you have a total of 13 rows
(hdc in first 2 sts, ch1, sk 1) around - make s tie row
hdc in each st and sp around
(sc, ch3, sl st in third ch for picot, sc in next 2 sts) around
finish off, weave in ends

ch 80 and weave through tie row
cut circles of felt and hot glue to bottom of booties



Sara said...

So sweet! How long did they stay on?

Jaybird Designs said...

he kept them on most of the time and would only try to take them off if no one was around, LOL!!