Saturday, June 13, 2009

I've Been Knitting!

OK, I admit it....I've been knitting. Well, practicing is more like it. I think I did a really good job on this basketweave baby blanket! I think I may donate it to my charity group. Or maybe give it to a friend of mine who is having a baby girl soon. We'll see.

But now, after this blanket and all the dish clothes I've made...I can say that I can definitely knit a square!!! Now, to tackle knitting in the round! LOL!!


Shannon L. Fowler said...

I am doing that EXACT same pattern for a dish towel I am knitting!!!

Your work is BEAUTIFUL!! & that's a nice color!!!

Ginger said...

Very nice! Maybe I am inspired...mmmm...maybe not. Crocheting is so quick and easy, but your blanket is BEAUTIFUL. Very good job. I admit...I need to practice too... said...


It looks great, but pre-warn me next time. :)


Indigo Orchid Designs said...

That looks beautiful! I made that same blanket for my youngest daughter. You should try knitting in the round. IT is so easy, just looks alittle overwhelming with double pointed needles, but it really is easy.