Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I'm a Professional!! Whoo hoo!

Dear Jennifer J. Cirka,

Thank you for your “Application for Recognition as a Crochet Professional”. Per our
review, the Professional Development Committee of the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA) is pleased to recognize you as a crochet “Professional”.

Congratulations! We hope you will take full advantage of the CGOA resources your status makes available to you. For example, your professional information now appears online in the members-only area of to help clients find you. Other members-only listings direct you to pattern-editing help, publication sources, sample crocheters and more from among the CGOA membership.

Visit these listings today:

Professionals and Associate Professionals (look for your listing!*)

Contract Crocheters/Pattern Testers

Corporate Members
Please advise CGOA[at] if your professional listing needs to be updated. Watch for your invitation to join the CGOA Professional Member e-mail discussion list – a great resource for keeping in touch with your fellow crochet professionals. List moderator Jocelyn Sass at will contact you soon. If Jocelyn has not contacted you via email within a week, please do follow up with her via email.

Each year on the day before the CGOA Chain Link Conference we hold our Professional Development gathering. We hope you’ll join us! It’s a wonderful chance to network, and there are informative sessions focused on career growth. When details are ready, you’ll find Professional Development Day registration at in conjunction with the Chain Link Conference and Knit & Crochet Show.

CGOA also invites your help to assist new talents – those who aspire to become fullfledged
professionals like you. These “Associate Professionals” are encouraged to request a one-on-one mentor to guide them in establishing and strengthening their credentials. Share your expertise and enthusiasm! Contact CGOA[at] today to volunteer to be a mentor. The Professional Development Committee will be happy to introduce you to your mentor assignment. Remember that the CGOA Professional Development Committee is always interested in your suggestions and input about information that is most useful to you. CGOA hopes you will grow and that you will actively work with us to build the professional program and your Guild!


Robyn Chachula
Professional Development Committee
Crochet Guild of America

P.S. * Your online listing will appear as long as your membership remains current.

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Shusha said...

This is very cool!
I didn't know there was such place who recognize you as a professional.
What does the new status gives you beside the name?

Thank you for letting me know!