Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My Mom's "Challenge"

So I get a call from my mom today:

Mom - "We're having an ugly hat contest at work in two weeks, think you can crochet me an ugly hat?"

AN UGLY HAT!?!?!?!?! Now that goes against my nature...hmmmm...of course I can do it...but...did she realize this would be a challenge for me?

Any suggestions???


Allison said...

I'm sure you have lots of left overs, ends, of all different sorts. Use those. The type of hat doesn't matter...for a quick one, I'd do that sorta naturally ripply one, quick, simple, easy, and nice and warm. Leave out all the ends. That would add to the effect.

But that's just a small idea from little old me :-) said...

At Christmas I found a hybrid Rasta-golf caddy hat knit in multi-color Christmas sparkle yarn. I made my husband wear it and he won an ugly outfit contest. =)

CindyCrochets said...

You could start the row using 1 stitch and then switch to another. I feel your pain, I'm not into ugly. ;o