Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CPSIA Blog-in

Well, it's getting closer....February 10, 2009....National Bankruptcy Day. Truthfully, I don't know all the details and am not an expert on the subject, but I have close friends that do. So at least I am informed of what is required of me. Yes, this law will affect me, yes...ANYTHING made for children under 12 does need to be tested, and that includes items made from yarn. This law will affect mom-designers like me, libraries, schools, charities, resell shops and more! Basically it was just a poorly written law and needs to be amended. Here are some good links for you to check out to learn more:

Fashion Incubator
Rick Woldenberg
Mark Riffey
JUst Add Charm
Organic Baby Farm
National Bankruptcy Day
Business Week

And here are some examples of what you can expect if it is not amended! (pssst...check out th $$$)
I spy travel toy
Appliqued Jumper
Child's Personalized Cross

So, I just wanted to help spread awareness. My good friend Trevor says it best:
Tales of a Kraftymomma

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