Monday, December 15, 2008

Ramble on....

OK, like I said before, this is a C-R-A-Z-Y time of year for us!! Thursday night Heather had her school's Christmas Party and Program. Here she is wearing her pretty dress that I made for her. She loved it and was the only one in a handmade/boutique dress.

Also on Thursday I met with a wonderful woman, Kathy, who needed my crochet help! She had a problem....her best friend's Grandmother was making her best friend an afghan. Well, unfortunately the Grandma passed away before she finished it and she was working from a pattern in her head! So Kathy wanted to finish the blanket for her friend, but couldn't figure out the pattern! She stopped into Tangle and they gave her my number. We met up and I took some long looks at the blanket and messed with my own hook and yarn. Let me tell you, those "bobbles" had me stumped. Well, while messing around, I figured it out!!! I was THRILLED!!! It really was a beautiful pattern and it made my day to figure it out! And Kathy was excited too! What a wonderful friend she is!

Let's see...what else has been going on. Saturday we put up the Christmas tree and decorated the house. I baked lots of cookies too! Sunday night I had another crochet lesson and baked even more cookies!! Today I need to finish my housework and laundry, and tonight is my husband's work's Christmas party.

Tuesday I will be volunteering at Heather's school like I do every Tuesday, Wednesday night we will be having Heather's birthday party at Chuck-E- Cheese. Thursday Heather only has half a day of school and I need to bring in her Birthday snacks and Thurdsday night is the children's Christmas party for my husbands work. Plus Thursday is Heather's 6th birthday!!!!

Hmmm, Friday we have a birthday party for a friend of Heather's from school, and Sunday/Monday Ron is heading to Denver for some work-related shooling. Then of course we have Christmas next week! OH!!! I also had another design submission accepted and need to have that finished by the 6th!!

And how am I doing on my Christmas gift list???? Well, I've made a dent, LOL!!

Mom- finished
James - finished
Cora - finished
Glen - I finally know what I want to make him and have the supplies!
Mikey - supplies purchased
Trevor - mailed

Lauren - mailed
Lindsy - mailed
Mom Cirka-crocheted but still needs felted
Dad Cirka - I finally know what I want to make him and have the supplies!
Ms. Langdon - ????
Mr. Derek - supplies purchased

Uncle Kenny- supplies purchased

OK, better get off my butt and get this day going! Sounds like the dryer is done! Have a great week everyone and I'll post when I can!

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Shannon said...

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, Jennifer! And a Happy Birthday to Heather as well! We have a December birthday coming up- Charlie will be four on the 20th :-)