Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Gifts

Just wanted to make a quick post to share with you all some of the gifts I am making this year. I had to limit it though....some of my family reads my blog! LOL!!

My all-time favorite gift that I made is for Heather's teacher!! I purchased a gift certificate to Starbucks and while I was there, I grabbed an extra venti cup and lid. Inside the cup I placed a hand crocheted scarf in the softest, most amazing, Italian yarn in black and gold! YUM!! (I actually made one of these scarves for myself this year, but in rust and gold, LOL!!) OK, back to the gift! I then crocheted a coffee cup cozie and put it on the outside of the cup and attached the gift card (in it's cute little knitted holder that I also got at Starbucks!) Finished it off with a bow! Now isn't this just adorable!!

OK, I also want to share a purse I made for my niece in San Diego (CORA- don't let L near the computer!!!) I found this pattern in an old crochet magazine and thought that since it doesn't snow in CA, my niece would love a snowman purse!!! I love it and will probably make myself one next year! LMAO!!

Now I need to get back to crocheting! Three more gifts need to be finished and in the mail by Saturday! Plus, tonight is Heather's birthday party! Have a great day!

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Cora said...

How cute! She'll love it!