Monday, October 13, 2008

Hot off my Hook!

I just finished this sweet sweater for my niece's birthday this week!! It's a pretty soft, baby pink cardi designed by Anji Beane. I made a few changes and made it mid-hip length for her.

I also listed two things in my etsy shop today! One of my design groups, etsyFAST, had a challenge this month with the theme of CANDY! YUM!! So I listed some fun, candy-box colored flower hair pins and a sweet raspberry truffle crochet beanie!

Now I officially do not have anything that I HAVE to make! Maybe I should make something for myself??? HMMMMM.....any suggestions?


Miranda said...

Those are just gorgeous. You've done a wonderful job!

Margie G. said...

I love my Jaybird booties for Anna. I have received so many compliments :-)
Also, do you sell the crochet flowers that you make for barrettes? If so...I'd be interested in your pricing, etc...

Shannon said...

How cute! I need a daughter so I can dress her in Jaybird designs!

I just finished putting up my post about convention- it was a blast! Missed seeing you on the 8th- I was sure you'd have a table for the business fair!

Grace Nationville said...

The little pins are great.