Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Crochet To-Do List

I have this little dry erase board right here next to my computer. On it I list all my To-Do items....mostly the pertain to crochet, but not always. I thought I'd share with you what is on it right now, LOL!!

*Test Crochet pattern-I am currently testing another designers pattern. This is the one project that needs to be completed first. BUT, I ran into a problem with the pattern and am waiting to hear back from the designer on where to go from here.

*Pink Brimmed Hat-This is what I am working on right now. It is a bartered item for some digital work I am having done for Jaybird Designs. I should have it completed tonight.

*Baby Blanket-I have a friend due any day now with baby #6!!! The 4th boy. I would really like to make her a small blanket to use.

*Birthday present for Kathryn-my neighbor and Heather's best friend will be 6 on the 29th. I'd like to make her a sweater.

*Birthday present for Linda-my sister will be 31 on the 29th (what is it with the 29th of Sept???I know about 5 people with birthdays that day!!!) I plan on making her a pair of Bazaar Socks in shades of green.

*Breast Cancer item-Ilike to design something new to commemorate October as National Breast Cancer Awareness month.

*Free pattern for September- ANY suggestions on what you would all like to have???

OK, enough!! I think I need a bigger dry erase board!! LOL!! Happy crocheting everyone!

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