Monday, September 08, 2008

Just call me Susie Homemaker!

Boy, was I busy this weekend! I purchased a box full of local sweet corn, a half-bushel of green beans, and a ton of broccoli at my local farmers market. Then I took it all home then chopped and prepared it for freezing. Borrowed my neighbors vacuum sealer too!! (It didn't work well on the corn and broccoli, but worked great on the beans!) My other neighbor than gave us some fresh cucumbers from his garden and I made a vinegar/cucumber salad! Oh, and he gave us more green beans too, LOL! And then today I decided to use up some peaches that I had in the fridge and I made Vanilla/Peach Sryup!! I think we will be having pancakes for dinner tonight so that we can try it out! YUM!!

Other than that, today I cleaned and did laundry! All the while I have two different crochet projects on my hook and prepared a design submission to send in this week! WHEW!! And it's only MONDAY!!

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