Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's Official!! The Cirka Family is GROWING!!

OK, NO......I am NOT pregnant! But we are adopting......well, sort-of! Sorry to mislead you, LOL!

This Saturday we will be welcoming our newest addition to our family! His name is Cash and he is a 2 year old Red AKC Greyhound and such a sweetheart! Actually, his official name is Windrock Ring of Fire, but his nickname is Cash. (For Johnny Cash that sings the song "Ring of Fire", but I like to think it is for the amazing amount of cash we are spending on him!! I NEVER thought we would pay this much for a dog!) He will be competing in his last show this weekend and then we will get to take him home as he will be officially RETIRED! We are planning on going to the show to see him, so I'll be sure to take pictures!!
Cash came for a visit yesterday and didn't want to leave, LOL!! He is so well behaved! No jumping or barking, his is housebroken and listens better than Heather!! He is even GREAT with Heather and listens to most of her commands! Here are some pictures of his visit. He seems to really like Ron!

Now, I just need to get used to the sheer SIZE of him!! He is HUGE! Totally NOT what I expected when we started dog shopping! There seems to be many misconceptions on the Greyhound breed. Everyone seems to think they are hyper and require a lot of attention. Actually they are NOT! I once read a description that called the Greyhound "The worlds fastest couch potato!" He is basically a huge cat! And speaking of cats....boy did my Nola give me a dirty look when he left yesterday! LOL!! The old lady will definately need some time to get accustomed to Cash. But the breeder thinks that he will do GREAT with her.

So, this new addition should help ME get accustomed to being alone most of the day. He loves to travel in the car, so you can bet he will be making many trips with me around town! Plus, he should help with any "baby fever" I may get now that my only child is in school all day!

Thanks for letting me share my big announcement! Anyone else have a Greyhound? Now I need to go make a vet appointment for him and go price shopping for kennels and dog supplies today!


Jus Shar Designs said...

Good for you!

I've wanted a greyhound since I was a teen. I saw something on TV about rescuing retired greyhounds, and I was hooked. :-)

Shannon said...

Wow, congrats on your new horse! Got a saddle?

Hee hee...

Guess what? Next time you see me at MOPS I'll look very different...I'm cutting my hair on Tuesday. Well, I'M not cutting it, my hair lady is- I don't think I'd do a very good job. Ever see John & Kate plus Eight? Think Kate...