Friday, August 29, 2008

Weight Loss Update

OK, it's Friday again!! The day I jump on the scale and take my measurements!!

The results....well, I only lost half a pound. A little sad....I was hoping for more. But I guess those cookies I had yesterday didn't help, LOL!! But, on a positive note, I did loose one whole inch on my hips and half an inch in my thighs!!!! So that makes a total of one inch in my waist, one inch in my hips, 1.5 inches in my thighs and one inch in my calfs!! All since August 9th! I guess all that walking may not be burning a ton of calories....but they are doing great things for my bottom half!

This week I started doing a short exercise video in the mornings. It was just a basic and short 20 minute thing that worked on some abs and a little weight training in my arms. Next week I hope to move up to one of the longer routines on the tape. But I still need to figure out what I can do to keep up with my walks!

OK, so it is Labor Day Weekend! What do you have planned?? We will be heading out to Ouray you won't here from me until Tuesday! Stay safe and have a great holiday weekend!

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Jus Shar Designs said...

Everyone "slips" when dieting. That's why I always have plenty of those 100 calories snacks on hand.

I prefer the salty snacks, but a cookie gal like yourself will find plenty of cookies and sweet snacks (I do like the cheesecake bar that is out...)

Have fun in Ouray.