Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vacation Post #1....

...Adventures with a 30 year old RV...

So we left bright and early on Saturday morning (July 26).... really early!!! 5:30AM! Yikes! Little did I know that this would be the theme for most of our driving trip. Seems the old girl, now affectionately kown as "The Brick", really likes the cool early mornings to drive.

The sun comes up and at about 100 miles from home the power steering belt BREAKS!! So, my super-man of a husband (BTW, he is also a mechanic) decides to drive The Brick without power steering until we find a parts store. Have I mentioned yet that we are taking the L-O-N-G way to PA to avoid going over big mountain passes? At this point, we are actually heading north to Wyoming! We find a parts store in Craig, Colorado....purchase the new belt we need....but get back on the road. Super-man decides that he will change the belt when we stop for the night.

So into Wyoming we go....Ever been there?? Well....you're not missing anything! There is NOTHING there but wind! Seriously! Even driving through the capital, Cheyenne, is like a little spot. Blink and you miss it! But it is pretty....in it's own way.

Then it is onto Nebraska. I personally think Nebraska smells like cows, LOL! It's a BIG state to cross, but by this time it is time to find a stop for the night. Since it was a Saturday, we ended up having to stop at three different campgrounds to find one with an opening! So we did get a little further than planned. And the one we did find had train tracks right next to it. Luckily we were all tired enough to sleep through most of them!

Sunday morning it is up at dawn and on the road again. Today we need to cross the entire state of Nebraska! Like I said before, there is not much here but farmland, so I don't have much to comment on! OH! And the belt didn't fit, so Super-man is still driving without power steering!

We do manage to cross Nebraska and end up stopping for the night just over the boarder in Missouri. A nice little KOA with a toad infestation!! Heather was FASTENATED with all the toads hopping around. And it was BAD!! You really had to watch where you walked or you may step on one!

And by this time the humidity is KILLING me!! We live in a very hot and dry climate, so the hot and humidity was driving me nuts! Not to mention that the RV does not have A/C when on the road. So every night when we stopped my first priority was always to get the A/C turned on!

Monday we decide to take it a little easier. We drove across Missouri and Illinois and ended up stopping just west of Indianapolis. Again, by strongest memory is the HUMIDITY! By this time my skin is breaking out like crazy! I feel as if I am 14 again! ICK!! It's not even worth it to try and put on make-up because it melts right off!

Tuesday is another easy day of driving. Across Indiana and Ohio to our first destination of Cedar Point!! WHoo hoooo!! We get set up at the park campground, which is in walking distance to both parks and Lake Erie. That first night we walked along the lake and swam in the campground pool. These pictures are from this area. I'll admit, I was a bad blogger and didn't take pictures of everything. I just didn't have the urge to lug a camera around with me all the time. OH!! And I think we got the power steering belt fixed somewhere in Indiana! LOL!

Tomorrow I will blog more about our adventures at Cedar Point!


Wendy said...

Humidity....I Hate it...and I have lived in Michigan (surrounded by lakes) all my almost 41 yrs....I can not imagine someone not being in it all the time, being thrown into it....

Jaybird Designs said...

I know Wendy!! I did grow up in it, but for the past 12 years have lived without it! It is so much nicer, LOL!!