Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Retro Rings Tam

Retro Rings Tam Hat
By Jennifer J. Cirka/Jaybird Designs
Fun and Funky for fall 2008!

• Any worsted weight yarn
• K-10.5 / 6.5 mm crochet hook
• Yarn needle

Finished Size
One size fits most, approximately 20-22 inch head circumference

First 3 rounds = 4.5”


SooticasDream said...

Thanks for sharing the pattern! ^____^

kristena marie said...

Awesome hat! I am so gonna make this. :) Thanks for the pattern!!! said...

This is fabulous! I'll be linking to this! And how glad am I that I found your blog???

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this and coming by my humble little blog.

It is the cutest thing and so quick and easy to whip up.

Anonymous said...

This hat is so cute, on round 3 it says ch4 (dc c1) what does the term c1 mean?

Jaybird Designs said...

That should be CH1.

Thanks for letting me know!

kristena marie said...

So... I whipped this up as quickly as possible. The yarn I used was probably a bit bigger than worsted weight, because when I got to the decrease row, it was still a little big on my head. So I ripped the row and decreased after every two stitches. Worked like a charm.

I love my new hat! You can see it here:

I'll probably post about it on my blog tomorrow too. :)

Shay said...

love this, thanks for sharing!!

Needledreams said...

The pattern is so cool! I made it like in an hour or so. I blogged about it on my site:

Thanks for sharing such a lovely pattern!

Paula said...

Thanks, it is so cute. I just got around to making one

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Sadly I can not find the pattern.
Am I not looking in the right place.
I would really love to make this hat for my teacher. I know she would love it.
A little help please?
Thank you.

Jaybird Designs said...

the pattern can be found at

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!