Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Let's go to the Fair!

So this morning Heather and I headed over to the Mesa County Fair. And of course we needed to stop in and look at all the needlework items, LOL!! I wasn't able to enter anything this year, but I did last year and won three ribbons!

While looking at the beautiful items, look what I see!!! It's a Carissa Dress!!! I am so absolutely thrilled at the idea that someone submitted something that I designed!! Turns out that the dress was crocheted by one of my crochet students, Chris. She enrolled in my crochet class for the Carissa Dress a few months ago at Tangle. We had to make some adjustments to the pattern because she needed to make it larger for her 5 year old.

She did such an excellent job! And the judges thought so too! Not only did she win First Prize, she also won Best in Show! WTG Chris!!! I feel like such a proud mama right now, LOL!!
Anyone else have any fair stories to share?

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Robin said...

That's a GORGEOUS dress J!! Love it!