Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hair cut & color!

Yesterday I decided that I wanted my hair done before we left on vacation. One of my dear friends is in Beauty School and always needs new customers. So I BRAVELY decided to let her cut and highlight my hair!
We put some really blond highlights in and actually ended up choppin 5" off the back! It really doesn't look that much different, but I "feel" like I look alot better!

So, I had Heather snap some photos for you. Please remember that I am hot and sweaty right now and these are not the most flattering pics, but I thought I'd share anyways. One of these days I need to get some good headshots done!

1 comment:

Robin said...

AWESOME J!! I love it!!

I just had my daughter Heather color my hair too...we got "dark blonde" and it turned out "dark brown"!! ugh! Everyone loves it tho, but a bit too dark for me.