Friday, January 25, 2008


I have been neglecting my poor blog lately!!! Between being mommy, babysitting, running, and crocheting/sewing I've been one busy little girl!! LOL!! I really want to get back to pattern writing, but I haven't gotten any inspirations lately. Boo hoo!! And I am soooo burnt out on sweaters right now that I could care less to make another one...even though I have three shrugs sitting in a basket and all they need is the second sleeve!! I really should work on them since they are perfect for spring and I could be selling them!! LOL!! Oh well....hopefully soon I'll feel up to it!

Roght now on my hook is a pair of mittens for me made from Bernat Soy in rice. I love this yarn! It is sooooo soft! Hopefully warm too! I also want to make Heather a hat and mitten set before spring! LOL!!

Here is a picture of Heather from our trip to the Denver Aquarium last week. Can you see how BIG that fish is behind her!

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