Saturday, January 26, 2008

Confessions of a crochet artist

Ok, confession time! Yes...I love to crochet, yes....I design mostly children's clothing, and yes....I crochet every free moment that I have.

But, you will probably never see me wearing anything crocheted. And you probably will not see my daughter wearing anything crocheted (except for modeling purposes!)

I have made myself a number of items. I do carry a crocheted purse occassionally. And I just made myself a new pair of mittens.....hopefully I will wear them! And Heather did get a few warm hats this winter and I do try to "make" her wear them out of the house, LOL!!

I think I will pack up a few of the items that I have made and do not use to take to my LYS. I'm sure they will be happy to display them, LOL!!

Anyone else care to make any crochet realated confessions??? Leave me a comment.

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Jus Shar Designs said...

The only crocheted item I make myself to wear would be hats. And those I make on a whim. It's never planned.

As for clothing..I'd probably only wear something knit. Crochet would be much quicker, but it's just what I like.

I can't get my DD11 to wear anything knit OR crochet unless it's for modeling purposes. It seems that she's at an age where her clothing must be cool, and that is only available in stores. :-)

And my last confession....I hate patterns. I do test them (as you well know), and I will follow them to test them. However, when I'm making something otherwise, I may cast on or chain the appropriate number of stitches, but after that I am just winging it.