Monday, May 14, 2007

Did you have a nice Mother's Day??

I didn't. Oh well.....I've moved on and today should be AWESOME! LOL!!

Today Heather has dance class this morning and then we have a little running around to do. This afternoon is a Birthday party for her friend Jacob this afternoon. Then this evening I'll have some Mommy time at MOPS.
What's on your agenda for today?


PSBBDesigns said...

Oh no, what happened? You can't drop a bombshell like that and just move on. LOL

Jaybird Designs said...

Let's just say I got a shiny new LAWNMOWER for a present.

Jus Shar Designs said...

Oh no you didn't. You must be kidding.

Hey, I remember a Mother's day when I (aka kids) got a new trampoline and net. Hubby spent all day putting it up, and I ended up making supper for all of us at 8:30 pm. I wasn't upset though.....RIGHT.

Jaybird Designs said...

LOL!! I think I would've preferred the trampoline!! LOL!!