Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Book Review - Baby Blueprint Crochet Irresistible projects for little ones

Irresistible projects for little ones

(Interweave Press LLC., 2010, 151 Pages, $21.95, ISBN 978-1-59668-201-6)

Babies, babies, babies! Nothing brings out my crochet hook faster than hearing about a new baby coming into this world! Like many of you, crocheting for those itty-bitty, chubby, and giggling little ones is my favorite thing to do. I, personally, started crocheting again when I found I that I was pregnant with my daughter. If only I had Baby Blueprint Crochet by Robyn Chachula back then.

Have you just found out you, or a friend, is expecting? Well, Robin offers you some fabulous choices in projects to make including sweaters and blankets. Need something quicker for a last minute shower gift? How about some socks or a bib? Maybe something for the nursery? Why not make an adorable elephant mobile. There are so many fabulous choices in this book it will be hard to choose just one!

Baby Blueprint Crochet features nineteen beautiful designs which are divided into three sections: Apparel, Accessories, and For the Home. Most items are sized from 6 through 24 months and many are unisex or can easily be made for boys and girls by altering the colors and/or appliques. The author includes a wonderful introduction and goes into detail about colorwork techniques, working in the round, and -of course- symbol crochet. All patterns include easy-to-read symbol charts for the visual crocheter and Ms. Chachula goes into depth about how to interpret and read them. Also included is a Glossary with Abbreviations, Terms, and Crochet & Embroidery Stitches along with a Resources Section and Index.

Something I was not expecting in this book was the addition of a Tunisian Crochet pattern. The Froggie Blanket is not only adorable, but would be a great introduction to Tunisian crocheting. How great would it be to learn a new technique while making a wonderful gift! Robyn offers you a froggie applique pattern to decorate your blanket, but this could easily be swapped with flowers or just about anything that would personalize your creation. And like all the other patterns in the book, the author goes into details about how to do Tunisian crochet and there is a symbol chart included.
If you enjoy making things for little ones, this book is for you! I really enjoyed it and can not wait to add it to my library. Now if only my friends would have some more babies for me to crochet for!

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