Friday, August 24, 2012

Book Review - Go Crochet! Afghan Design Workshop

Did you know that I write book reviews for the CGOA? I've been meaning to re-publish them here, but just keep forgetting. So here is the first one I did. I can't remember which issue it was published in right now, sorry. Also, this is my original copy, they probably edited it some for the newsletter.

Go Crochet! Afghan Design Workshop: 50 Motifs, 10 Projects, 1 of a Kind Results by Ellen Gormley

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Nothing says “Home” to me more than a crocheted afghan made from loving hands. I have lots of fond memories from childhood of beautiful afghans lovingly adorning couches and chairs in both my family’s and friends Living Rooms. Afghans add color, warmth, and personality to any room and make excellent gifts for any occasion from births to weddings. Whether you like working traditional granny squares or funky hexagons, motifs make great, fast projects that can be easily taken anywhere. Plus, when assembled together, quickly add up to something impressive. I, personally, have only made a small number of afghans, but Ellen Gromley’s new book, Go Crochet! Afghan Design Workbook, definitely has gotten my creative juices flowing and my hook ready to fly!

This book is an excellent resource for anyone wishing to design their own afghans. Ellen cheerfully leads you through the process from beginning to end. From learning the stitches, choosing the colors and yarns, laying out the motifs, and adding borders, Ellen’s help is very detailed and organized with lots of encouraging suggestions. With her support, you too could make your own heirloom afghan in no time. She also has a wonderful and casual way of speaking to you through the book which makes it easy and enjoyable to read. No formal textbook rambling for her! Choices surround you with many different options for your motifs including squares, rectangles, triangles, hexagons, and octagons. With over 50 different motifs, you are sure to find something that suits your creativity. Ellen even offers recommendations on which motifs match up with others. You only have to narrow it down, which in my opinion, could be the hardest part!

But what if you are not in the mood to create your own masterpiece right now? This book also includes 10 crochet afghan projects already designed for you! My personal favorite is the “All Call.” This very advanced design incorporates at least one of each motif in the book! You can have fun making each motif and then test yourself with assembling it. What a challenge that would be with very unique results! I also think that the “Brilliant Starburst” design with its configuration of hexagons and triangles, would make a fabulous addition to my couch.

Detailed and beautiful photography, a useful ringed binder book design that allows the book to lay flat, and reasonable price are just a few of the many added attributes that make this book a must-have in any crocheter’s library. The patterns are well written and include stitch diagrams which make mistakes easy to find and patterns easier to read and understand. Ellen Gormley has a kindly voice and is a helpful friend while you are on your journey to crochet the perfect afghan, weather you are a novice or an advanced crochet enthusiast. Your opportunities are endless and your creativity can soar with this book. Now get up, start envisioning, and Go Crochet!

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