Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh Geez!!

I just realized I titled yesterdays post "What I am working on Wednesday" but it was only Tuesday!! LOL!! Is it my age or just the "off" week I am having since my daughter is home on Spring Break? Maybe a bit of both! LOL!! I even forgot to take her to Jiu-Jitsu class last night and realized it 20 minutes after class began!

I had a great day and thank you all so much who left me Birthday wishes. It really warmed my heart to realize so many people cared enough to leave me a note! Thanks again!

So, today I am enjoying another beautiful day and spending some fun time with my daughter. Finishing up a few crochet projects too.

And I also wanted to tell all my photography friends about this great giveaway over on Pro-Tography 101 Blog. One of the prizes is a $10 gift certificate to my etsy shop!! Good luck!

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