Wednesday, March 02, 2011

What I'm Working on Wednesday

Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Well, not really. I did pick up some yarn and knitting (YIKES!) needles last night to work up a swatch just to see what it looked like. And I need to start working on a design that was just accepted for publication....just wanted to wait until my cold was gone so that I can think straight without a stuffy head.

But, other than that, nothing.

So let me share some exciting news with you! I have been nominated for a Flamie!! Whoo hooo!! You can not imagine how excited I am right now. I am in the "Best Crochet Designer for Children" category along with some other big names! It is such an honor to be among them! Voting starts the 15th and you can rest assured that I will give you all a link and remind you to go and vote for me! LOL!! You can see all the amazing crocheters nominated on the CLF Blog.

Also, the CGOA Blog is hosting a crochet-a-long. If you feel like it, be sure to join. I bet it will be fun.

And to help spread the word about National Crochet Month, today I will be attending a meeting of the Mesa Fiber Arts Guild to help promote the art of crocheting. They currently don't have a crochet I hope to change that! Should be fun!

OK, tons of stuff to do today. Enjoy your day and happy crocheting!

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CrochetBlogger said...

Awesome. Congrats on the nomination.

I'm about to start a new crochet project but haven't yet decided what. I got a mixed yarn lot in the mail recently ... maybe some crochet jewelry.