Monday, November 01, 2010

Picture Share!

As promised! Here are some photos for you of things I have been working on.
First is my Halloween costume. I made myself a witch hat fascinator, LOL!! It was a small, crocheted witch hat decorated with ribbon, tulle, and a skull button. All attached to one of my daughters headbands. I thought it turned out really cute!

Here is Kathryn's costume that I helped with. I crocheted her a kitty cat ears onto a headband, made a crocheted tail and attached some crocheted stripes to a plain turtleneck. She loved it!

And here is my daughter Heather in her Dalmation costume. Felt circles were glued onto a plain white sweatsuit and crocheted hat with ears. It also has a crocheted tail and fun crocheted red collar that read "Dot."

And last is my Debra sweater from the book "Crochet it. Love it. Wear it!" by Drew Emborsky. I probably should have made a size large instead of the medium, but I really like it!

Hope you all enjoy the pictures!

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