Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bathroom Time!

Hi blog readers! Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. Between the last few weeks of school and taking care of my husband and his injured feet (did I tell you a pot full of simmering water broke all over his feet and he had second degree burns on the tops of each toe?) I've been pretty busy lately.

And now we are in the middle of remodeling the bathroom. Which really stinks because we only have one bathroom in the we've been using the RV out front to clean ourselves up, LOL!! Here is a picture of the bathroom before the contractors started on Monday. Right now the room is completely gutted except for the new tub and the toilet. The contractors are taking care of the tub and shower area. Ron and I will be completing the rest ourselves. Today we get to go vanity shopping!!!

Hope you all are having a wonderful May!

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