Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Weigh In - Week 8

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Well, it finally happened. I gained weight. Call it PMS or just being lazy, but it happened. But, I am happy! I am the healthiest I have been in a long time!! I am happy at this weight. YES, I would like to loose a little more, but it's not that important. I probably won't be as strict on myself as I have been in the past. I need to enjoy life and eat....I love food! LOL!! Plus, I LOOK GREAT!! My amazing hubby comments on it all the time! My clothes don't fit, I can run with the dog, and besides some emotional exhaustion, I have a lot more energy!

March will bring some warmer weather. I hope to start my nightly walks again really soon. That will help burn calories. I will continue exercising with my Wii Active 4 times a week and I will continue to keep an eye on my calorie intake, which I just adjusted to 1480 a day.

Thanks for all of your support through this adventure! I will continue to keep you all updated! Have a great weekend!


B said...

Hi I have a question about your Daydreamer Hat pattern. I need to know what BOL means and how do I use it. Please help me. B

Jaybird Designs said...

Hey!!I've been sending you emails all day and even on the first request. I don't think you are getting them. Check your spam folder or contact me again at jaybird(at)