Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Final Steps

Well, I am onto the final steps of my pattern writing for the ski themed blanket. Pictures have been taken and I get to deliver the blanket to my friend this afternoon. Turns out her cousin had a boy last week, so the blue will be perfect!!

I usually like to send my items off to a professional photographer for the pictures, they just turn out so much better! But since I need to keep this one close, I had to do the pictures myself.

My next step is to tech edit the pattern. I have a wonderful tech editor who usually does this, but she is busy right now. So it looks like I will be spending my day doing it. Sometime I even send the patterns out to be tested by trusted friends, but since this one is so easy, I decided to test it myself by making another blanket for my charity group.

I think I have decided to call it the Bunny Slope Snuggly.

Once it is all finished, I will send it off to be downloaded into my website and then post it to the blog. I really hope you all like it! I think it turned out super-cute and it really works up quickly. I think I made mine in about 2 days! It's a little on the small side, but perfect for draping over a car seat or stroller!

OK...back to work I go!

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