Thursday, August 27, 2009

NAMES - A Funny Thing

Speaking of names....

I just love Facebook! I love connecting with, friends, adoring fans (LOL!!) But with all these connections, it really surprises me sometimes....things I rarely think about my name.

Being a child of the 70's with the name of Jennifer (see the list of popular girls names and you'll understand), I have always had nicknames. So, how does this apply to Facebook? Well, depending on what name you call me I can tell:

1-when we met
2-how well you know me
3-"how" you know me

Like I said, I've had many nicknames. Up until adulthood, the ONLY person to call me "Jennifer" was my Daddy! I even went by nicknames at school because there were always so many Jennifer's in my classes. But that changed once I started having to work. These days I go by Jennifer a lot more. It is what I go by professionally, but most people who know me well do not call me it.

The first nickname I can remember is "J.J." {Jay-Jay}. Short for Jennifer Joe. I have no idea who started this one, but I have been called it since I was tiny! Yes, it is usually more associated with boys...and yes it DEFINITELY made me stand out more (Like I really needed THAT as a kid....picture the tallest, skinniest girl in class!) But that one stuck for a LONG time. If you call me J.J. today you probably are family, knew me in school, or were one of the first set of friends I made when I moved to Colorado.

Now, when I hit about 25 and was newly divorced, I thought J.J. was a little too childish. That's about the time I shortened it to "J" {Jay}. I like J. It is definitely my favorite of all my nicknames. If you call me J, you are probably pretty close to me right now.

I don't really remember when "Jaybird" started. And only a very few family members ever called me that. I think it may have been my dad or Aunt Cora, but again, I'm not sure. But this is where I got my inspiration for Jaybird Designs as you can tell. Some people do call me Jaybird these days. They are usually other crocheters that I have met online. You know how it is....sometimes it's just easier to remember me as Jaybird when you see it as my log in name so many places.

I have one close friend who calls me "Jen". Other than her...if you call me Jen or Jenny...I probably won't answer you because I don't realize you are talking to me! LOL!!

My hubby has a strange nickname for me. He calls me " 'fer", the second half of Jennifer. He's the only one to ever call me that...well, except for Heather sometimes since she hears daddy say it so much. And speaking of Heather....I bet you can't guess how many times "I" get called Heather since that name is more associated with my age group! (it's also up there in the most popular names list!) Now that was a nickname I would have never expected!! LOL!!

So, now that I spilled my "secrets" about my name....which name do YOU associate with me??? I'd love to know!


KraftyMommas said...

J & Jaybird. Beautiful, talented, warm, loving, forgiving, always will be my best friend, Jennifer.

Cora said...

If I remember correctly, your grandmother coined JJ, only she spelled it JaJa. She tried doing LL for Linda, and you know the results of that. Your father started Jaybird, for you were his little bird. I'd love to take the credit though :)

Love you!

Shannon L. Fowler said...

Just knowing you online for a few years now, I know you as Jennifer! :D

Jaybird Designs said...

Thanks Cora for clearing that up and I love you too Trevor!