Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vacation Blogging!

I loooove the town of Ouray, Colorado! Have I told you that before?? We come here every free chance we get, LOL!!! And to have this wonderful opportunity to stay here for a while week is amazing!!

Right now I am sitting in my RV and enjoying a cup of coffee. Ron and Heather took off early this morning to go ride the Durango/Silverton Narrow Gauge Train!! I am so jealous, but I have ridden it before and Heather has not. Plus someone has to stay here with the dog! My only job for the day is to pack up the RV and move it to a different campground. I'm a little bummed about that...this campground is right in we can walk anywhere...the pool, shopping, a park!! But the new camp will be a few miles down the there is not as much stuff to do there. Oh well, that is what I get for waiting too long to make reservations!!

I've been crocheting hats for my charity group...reading Twilight (YES!! I know, I am waaaaay behind the times on this!! But I don't get to read much!)...walking the dog...meeting new people...and relaxing! And I think the dog is closterfobic of the RV...he wants out any chance he can get!! Then he heads strait to the car....I think he's ready to go home, LOL!!

I haven't hit the pool yet, but I am taking Heather on her first horseback trail ride on Thursday!! We are both really excited about that!

So here are some pictures of our week so far! I hope you enjoy them! I need to get up and start my day. Wish me luck in moving the RV....I'm not real fond of moving the 30 year old beast....even if it is only a few miles down the road! Better make myself look pretty today just in case I need to ask for help, LOL!! keep trying to talk Ron into buying the little trailer that is for sale down the road......

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Sara said...

I wondered how traveling with a dog in a RV would work out. Have fun! And hope you got the RV moved.