Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Fun

My wonderful husband has been itching to get away lately, so for Father's Day weekend we took off and went camping in Ouray, Colorado....our favorite place!!

The RV did great and is ready for another year of fun, and Cash's first camping trip went well! He really enjoyed all the SMELLS! LOL!!

On Saturday we took "The Toaster" up and over Corkscrew Pass.(we actually did it the opposite way than this video) We almost got lost, but luckily I spotted some cars in the we turned around and headed back down. For Father's Day Ron got big new tires for "The Toaster", so it did awesome over the mountain top! Plus it is hilarious to see the dog four wheeling!

It was too cold and rainy, so we didn't do any swimming in the Hot Springs Pool. Heather was disappointed, but still enjoyed herself. Sunday was spent hiking and exploring a ghost town called Ironton.

Then home on Sunday for Ron's favorite food...fried zuchinni!! Grown in our own garden!

It was a nice weekend. Now I need to clean and do laundry before I can crochet!

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