Saturday, May 30, 2009

Scarves For Life Day

This was sent to me by one of my customers who enjoys using my Breast Cancer Skinny Scarf Pattern to make fun and colorful scarves to sell. She donates portions of her proceeds to charity.

Scarves for Life Day
June 27th

Remember those who have lost the battle!
On June 27, 1993, my son

Clyde Matthew Carr lost his three-year 8-month battle to Leukemia. Researchers work hard to
find the cause and the cure. Not only do I want my son remembered, not only do I want others remembered, but I would like
to be a part of the cure or at least the comfort.

I am establishing a “Scarves 4 Life” day to be celebrated on
June 27th. The scarves, designed by Jennifer J. Cirka of Jaybird
Designs, approx. "85” x 2.5”, sell for $10.00 each. While orange is the color that represents Leukemia and pink for
Breast Cancer, many other colors
represent other cancers. Five of the $10.00 will go to the research of cancer. The Clyde Matthew Carr
Scholarship/Benevolence Fund also contributes.

If you have any questions/concerns, or would like to purchase a scarf,
please email me at You may also
request information on the colors of cancer awareness as well as fact sheets.

Payments may be accepted through email.

You may email me at
with your order. You will receive an invoice in your email with an option to
pay via paypal. You may also go to
and log into the store “donna7758” and find the scarves on sale there!


Matthew Carr

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