Thursday, February 26, 2009

Left Handed Crocheting

So, last Saturday in my "Learn to Crochet" class at Tangle, I had a wonderful little girl who really wanted to learn this fun and wonderful artform! She was so sweet, and tried very hard, but unfortunately had two strikes against her. First, she was only 8 years old. Second, she was left handed!! She was my first ever left handed student and unfortunately I was not prepared. I really had no idea what to do to teach her. I had heard that sometimes they can learn by watching you work and sitting across from you, but that didn't work for us. Now, I know that children her age can learn to crochet, but she just wasn't able to do it. I did manage to show her how to chain, and that is what she worked on for the entire class.....making one big chain...with tons of twists and holes. (sigh) I felt aweful. I had failed her. So, to keep her from getting too frustrated and giving up, I whipped out my stash of magazines and books and showed her pictures of wonderful items she could make if she keeps practicing. That made her feel a little better and she loved looking at all the fun stuff to make!

Once I got home, I immediately emailed my crochet mentor Dee and asked her advice. She suggested that I learn to crochet left handed so that I have a better understanding of how they do it. SO the other night I made my first left handed cocheted dishcloth!! I am actually really surprised how well it turned out! It took a LONG time, but my stitches are relatively uniform and looks pretty good! I did catch myself doing some strange things...throwing the yarn around my hook like I was knitting and occassionally grabbing things with my right hand, but by the end I think I had it all down. What do you think?

Anyone have any other suggestions or resources for left handed crocheting?? I'd love to learn more!


heather knitz said...

That's a toughie! My daughter was 6 and left handed and learned...It is a little strange and I wish I could remember how we actually *taught* her! I'll see if she can remember because I could even take some pics of how she holds her hands, etc... now! She crochets left handed and knits right....oh my, but that's another!

hallie m. said...

I've heard that right-handed crocheters can teach southpaws by working with them at a table with a mirror on it. You crochet normally, and she watches you in the mirror, thus easily reversing everything that you do.

Just a suggestion. :)

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