Sunday, February 22, 2009

How Cool!!

So, hubby and I were doing some research online about dogs and of course looked at Greyhound stuff. We found this site called and decided too look and see if Cash was on there. And guess what, HE WAS!! Look at this:

Cash's Pedigree

How cool!! You can see all his brothers and sisters and find out where they are currently. Now, they do have him down as being owned by
Heather and Ron Cirka, LOL!! But this actually happens a lot to me. I think I get called Heather more than Jennifer some days, LOL!

Then you can even see his ancestory back to the 1800's!! 28 generations of males! Ok, so I just had to share this cool find with all of you.

BTW, he graduated top of his class at doggie school today. We are so proud of him....and he loves all his new toys that he won.

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Josie (Dojomom828) said...

Cash is so pretty. You are lucky to have such a great dog. Does Cash crochet yet?