Sunday, February 08, 2009

Customer Creations

Some of my AWESOME crochet friends have started making designs from my Top-sy Turvy book.

They are sure quick!

Wendy made her daughter a beautiful Sweetheart Sweater out of some amazing tangerine and purple yarns!! I LOVE this color combo! WTG Wendy!!! Unfortunately her daughter doesn't care for it...she wants the pink! Ahhhh!!! Gotta love their stubborn opinions at this age! So, looks like she is selling this one in her etsy shop. It's a size 7/8 and a steal at only $25!! And I KNOW how much time this baby took to make!!!

Also, the amazing Sandy of Sandyfroglegs Designs made a Sassy Stripes Sweater for her granddaughter. How fun is this going to be for Memorial Day or the Fourth of July!!! I can't wait to see pictures of it on!!

Now, I am making one of the Sassy Stripes sweaters (size 6) for Heather. Unfortunately it looks like it will be too small for her. Frustrating how the editors change patterns so much! So, if anyone is interested in a rainbow themed Sassy Stripes Sweater in approximately a size 2/4, let me know. I'll sell it for cosgt of supplies, LOL!! I will admit that I have had a nasty head cold the last few days, so it is possible that I messed up somewhere.

Sandy did say that she had to go up to a slightly heavier yarn, Red Heart, to meet gauge. On mine, I am using a mix of Simply Soft and Red Heart Soft yarns. With my H hook I am at a gauge of 16sc x 21 rows = 4", which is larger than the gauge given in the book...but yet mine is coming out small. If it helps, the original pattern was written in Peaches n Creme yarn (H hook) with a gauge of 13sc x 15 rows = 4".

Do you have any pictures of items made from my designs?? Comments welcome too! Let me know! I'd love to feature them on my blog too!!


Michelle said...

wow they all look so cute!!!
I wouldlove to see a photo of the rainbow one!

Wendy said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my Etsy shop...I know it is definetly a steal, I guess the disappointment of Brooke actually not liking something I made her said to just let it go...This is the first time she has done this, I guess the age of 5 which is real close will be a turn around for both of us...She really wants the sassy stripes in the EXACT colors, so I will be getting those colors at some point and making it for her, just not for her birthday....

I want to make them ALL, I just LOVE them, and now my neice wants a Sweatheart sweater, but I think she is in a size that may take some doing, at some point...