Friday, February 27, 2009

Contest Sponsor - SMARTSTART

Ok, I admit it....when Linda contacted me about being a sponsor for my contest, I became REALLY jealous!! I want to win this prize!! How cool is it that she is offering one hour of her time to personally chat with you about your business and goals!! I know many of my readers have etsy shops, sell at craft fairs, and would love to make money with their crocheting!!

If I haven't told you lately, I am really working on my business lately and learning everything I can about becoming successful. I've joined many online groups, followed many business experts on twitter, and connected with so many wonderful and knowledgeable people lately.

One of the groups I've joined is Professor Linda Lopeke's SMARTSTART. And wow!! What an amazing resource! She has set up "classes" that you can take online like how to correctly brand you business and how to set up a business plan. How cool is that?? You can take them whenever you want to! She even sends out a weekly audio postcard with a tip, trick, or resource that may help you and your business.

For example, this week's audio post card was for a service called Pitch Rate. I signed up for the service and actually found a local reporter looking for stories. I sent her an email about my new booklet with Leisure Arts, and guess who is going to be interviewed on Monday for her local online newspaper???? LOL!!!

So, I am happy that she has offered to sponsor my contest. You can follow Linda on Twitter.

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Shusha said...

Hi, I wish there was any email address I could sent in to but I didn't find, so I just wanted to let you know your blog was featured on my blog.


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