Monday, February 23, 2009

Contest Prizes

Here is the list of prizes that can be won in the contest!! Please be sure to click on the links and visit my great sponsors and to check out their items! I will be doing detailed posts on each item during the duration of the contest.

First Place Finished Item
SmartStart one hour business consultation
Autographed copy of Top-sy Turvy by ME
Surprise box of yarn/crochet/knitting goodies
Handmade soap from Mollycoddle Soaps

Second Place Finished Item
Knitware Software
$20 Jaybird Designs Gift Certificate
Tea to Go Wallet from Sidhe Designs

Third Place Finished Item
Let's Get Ready for Kindergarten AND First Grade Books
$10 Jaybird Designs Gift Certificate

Consolation Prizes for all Entries Not Placed
$10 Jaybird Designs Gift Certificate

Random Drawings
Handmade Soap from Mollycoddle Soap
Handmade Scarf from JusShar Designs
Tiny Tote from AggieBags
Baby Beanie from Monarchdancer
$10 Jaybird Designs Gift Certificate


Ghost said...

I voted for #6 love the flower decoration. You can reach me via my blog.

Penny said...

I voted for #11 but it was a tough choice... I really like #6, too!
Thanks for the giveaway!

Josie (Dojomom828) said...

Of course I votted for #1. i ALSO LOVED #6. I think that I am going to have to get those directions also.


Haggatha said...

wow I love all the prizes. I think I like # 1 mostly because of the signed copy of topsy turvy, and #2 because I have always wanted a knitware program. But I will be happy with anything. thanks for having this contest