Tuesday, January 13, 2009

SALE Time!!

OK, with all the new CPSIA laws going into effect soon, I need to start getting rid of my inventory of baby and children's items that I have on hand. So every day (except maybe weekends) I will be picking an item and giving you all an AWESOME deal on it!! So if you like it, you better snag it quick! The offer will be good for that specific day only and you will still need to pay for shipping. (But remember, it's a flat $5 shipping for ANYTHING!)

So today, Tuesday, January 13th, you can get this sweet Rose Pink Brimmed Hat for 63% off!!

My Website Link

The price will be $11.25 plus $5 shipping! It will fit most little girls with a 19-21" head circumference!


Amanda said...

Have you heard anything about the new law having certain exemptions on toys and clothing made from all natural materials like cotton?

Jaybird Designs said...

Yes, but it has to be in it's natural state, it can not be dyed.