Monday, January 19, 2009

Mamalicious Monday

Over on The Gift Closet, Heather is starting a new contest called Mamalicious Mondays. She's asked up to blog about anything MOM-related. So here is mine.

House cleaning...I HATE it! But my hubby considers it "my job" since I am a SAHM. He doesn't understand my methods, but he is happy I get it done, LOL!! So, for me to acutally do it, I HAVE to make it a routine. So every Monday is cleaning day!

I start by making the beds and sorting the laundry on my large California King. Then I go play on the computer for a few minutes.

Then I jump in the shower, get dressed and ready for the day, then stop by the computer again.

Next I throw in my first load of laundry...usually the delicates on cold since I just took a shower...and off to the top floor of our tri-level house. Upstairs we have the two bedrooms and the bath. I will pick/straighten up the bedrooms and then check in on the computer again.

The bathroom is next, and luckily it is small. Clean and sweep/mop it and vacuum the upstairs. Check on the laundry and then off to the computer for a few minutes.

*****seeing a pattern here yet?*****

Our main floor consist of the living room and kitchen. I will usually clean the living room next and vacuum. Then the kitchen...dishes, wipeing counters, sweep and mop. Then it's computer time again, YAY!!!

And while I am doing all this, I am keeping up on the laundry. I am actually pretty good at taking it right out of the dryer and folding it. Once it is folded, it gets sorted on the steps. It sits there until it is all done. Makes for an interesting day of "dodge-the-laundry" on the steps, but this is the best way I can think of to keep it organized. Once it is all done, then I put it away.

Now, the bottom floor of my house includes the computer/play room, laundry room, and my sewing room. I usually don't clean that area regularly. Only when it is really needed. It is nice that this area of the house has a door and I can close it when we have company! LOL!

So, can you guess what my motivator is to clean? Yup, it's my internet time! LOL!! Hey, we all need motivators....right?? Ok, it's Monday....guess I better get to work!


Heather said...

Great post! You sound a lot like me...putting laundry on the steps...stopping by the pc....thanks for participating in Mamalicious Monday!!

Mia Sophia said...

I am so with you on that! I hate housework. My motivation is guilt free creative time. If my chores are done then I can concentrate on what I want to do without something whispering in my ear "sweep the kitchen""clean the bathroom""do your kids have underwear?"

Heather said...

Congrats Jennifer! You are the winner of the Pleated Poppy Vinyl Wall Art from Scribble It! Please email me your address & we'll get it out! Thanks for participating in Mamalicious Monday @ The Gift Closet!
heatherldt at bellsouth dot net