Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Listing on eBay!!

What!?!?!? Yup, it's true! I actually listed some items on eBay today!!

I've joined a ton of other designers who are listing this week because of the new CPSIA laws. ALL of the items listed will be ILLEGAL as of February 10th!! So get yours now while you still can!!

I have listed two items that I have had the patterns published. These are the actual ones photographed for the magazine!! There is the Sweetheart Cap and the Flower Girl Shrug. At really low prices too!!

See them here! And be sure to click on the Boutique Felony logo at the top to see all the items listed for this launch....or search "Boutique Felony" on eBay!

1 comment:

Mia Sophia said...

lol love that shop name! cute items!