Monday, October 06, 2008


Do you have a "schedule"? I do, well....sorta! I know that on Monday's I do laundry and clean the house. On Tuesday's I volunteer at Heather's school and go grocery shopping. On the second and fourth Wednesday of the month I try to hit my local MOPS meeting. Nothing really planned on as you can guess I get the majority of my crocheting done then! Friday's Heather doesn't have school so we usually try to do something fun and I usually manage to wipe the bathroom and kitchen down again and vacuum the living room. Weekends are daddy time or lazy time!

My schedule can change, like if I get sick or something. But usually this is what I do. I need it....or else I would never get anything done! I HATE to clean, so if I know that I HAVE to do it on a certain day, it makes it a little easier on me.

I also schedule my dinner menu for the week. Now, I don't necessarily have what I wrote down for dinner on that particular night, but I do know 7 meals that I have all the ingredients for at the beginning of the week. So even though my calendar may say we are having tacos for dinner tonight, I may want them tomorrow instad and will have tomorrow's scheduled chicken for dinner tonight. Makes grocery shopping A LOT easier! Plus saves on the pocketbook with not buying stuff I don't need.

So, yes, I am a scheduler and I admit it. But I am a LAZY one! LOL!! How about you?

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KraftyMommas said...

I open my shop Tues & Wed, 11-4, Thurs, Fri & Sat, 11-5:30. I work at the restaurant Sun 3:30-11, Tues & Wed 5-11. I get up at 7 to get the kids off to school..... I am not scheduler at all. I do what I can when I can, lol.
Whats this about cooking dinner? I miss that!! I am lucky to cook one or two a week these days!!
WTG Jennifer. Sounds like you have a great plan!!!