Thursday, October 23, 2008

Busy Busy!!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday! I've been busy working, LOL!! Thought I'd share my current to-do list with all of you!

~First I am working on a trade with Lisa of Knot Your Average Bow. I am making her daughter a beanie/scarf set with matching beanie for her American Girl doll. In exchange, I will be getting some bows and headbands! How cool! I love trading! I am also planning on making this my free pattern for October! My goal is to have the pattern up tomorrow! Wish me luck!

~My halloween costume! I will be Grumpy Care Bear. I found a blue sweatsuit and matching yarn. I plan on crocheting myself a hat with bear ears, crocheting the tummy badge, and making a pom-pom tail. My mom loved the idea so much she wants one too!! She is looking to see what color sweats she has so that we can figure out which Care Bear to be! She better hurry up....I'll need to have it in the mail to her by Monday if she wants it in time!

~I also have two items to make to send off for reviews. Hopefully I can get them done soon.

Other than that, some I need to get done include taking my broken TV down to get packaged so that I can mail it off to be repaird. What a PITA! I also have to pick up my vacuum from the repair shop, and it's time to pack up all the summer clothes and pull out the warmer stuff! I also REALLY, REALLY need to clean my sewing/craft room! It is a disaster!

Whew! So that is what I'll be up to over the next few days. I'll post when I can!


tanglust said...

Have you finished the hat yet?? Will there be pictures as well?? Can;t wait to see..

Margie G. said...

Love the daisy shown here! Maybe we can trade sometime as well :-) The belts are great for kids....